This is Halloween to Me

I married into a family who elevates Halloween to the level of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Come October 1, my sister-in-law (a.k.a Auntie) gets her witch on and the planning commences for this year’s decorations. Auntie loves her a good scare.  Not a cheap, throw blood everywhere scare. Nope she goes for the spook factor and then when you least expect it she throws in a fright. Her house is the highlight of the block.

Columbus Day weekend brings the annual Halloween celebration at the lake and it is an event not to be missed. My Mother-in-law invites family and friends to the lake for an afternoon of pumpkin carving, fall foods and trick-or-treating. This means that the kids costumes have to be ready early.  On one hand this is good as we have the pick of the crop when it comes to supplies.  On the other, wait, costumes ready EARLY????

Fortunately for me, Auntie and Grammy have the costume thing under control.   Last year, Mim wanted to be Lightening McQueen, Auntie made it happen. Look at this, will you?

Auntie cut a cardboard box and painted it to look just like Lightening McQueen. Mim models the creation

This year, Mim wanted to be Finn McMissle from Cars2 and Auntie being Auntie couldn’t say no.

Auntie made Finn McMissle out of cardboard and paint.

Grammy took care of Fish.  Together they created Micky Mouse.

Fish putting on make-up to look like Mickey Mouse and Fish in full costume

As should be evidenced by now.  I am a total slacker when it comes to Halloween.  I am truly grateful that my kids have Auntie and Grammy to indulge them.





One thought on “This is Halloween to Me

  1. Lee – I love Halloween. Your kids look great. It was a perfect weekend for a party by the lake. Let’s hope it’s not snowing by All Hallows Eve! Take care, S.


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