Double Take

I recently met my friend Melissa for dinner.  We met at a mall restaurant more or less half way between us. After dinner, we shopped a little and scored some great bargins.  I had a few extra stops and she had a paper due, so we parted ways. The mall in question is undergoing renovations so on the way out,  it took a little hunting to locate the ladies room.  I did eventually find one in the food court.

Ladies Only stenciled on a cinderblock wall

When I rounded the corner, I double checked the sign.

Women sign

Yup, still wearing a skirt.

So, imagine my surprise as I rounded the next corner.

Urinals covered in plastic

What the !@$%?????

Embarrassed, I scooted out of the bathroom and rechecked both signs.  No, I was in the right place. Still there was no one else in the bathroom, so I looked around for the cameras.  Finding no one was waiting in the shadows to punk me, I took care of business.  As I was taking care of the paperwork, I heard a group of women come in and go through the same process I did.

Of course the one I really felt sorry for was the guy who rushed by me on the way out.


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