Snow on the ski trails at the top of the mountain.

Mother Nature is having a rough time.  Two weeks ago it was Snowtober. This week it has been sunny and sixty degrees.  Still, ski season isn’t far off.

SEE!?  There’s snow on them thar hills ;). Ok so maybe we aren’t ready to hit the slopes quite yet, but one sure sign that ski season approachith is the annual Ski Gear Sale at Gunstock.  My neighbor Becky turned me on to this little gem of an event.  Perhaps little isn’t quite the right word.  It is HUGE and there as skis of all makes and models from down hill racing to cross country.

Skis, Skis and More Skis, Welcome to Gunstock, and Boots, Boots and Boots

We didn’t make it with the kids until lunchtime and still we found bargins. I found gently used boots for each kid for $30 a piece.  Skis for my kids (1 Intermediate skier and 1 beginner) were between $75 and $90 including bindings.  Ideally we’ll get at least two years on the skis for each child. That might be optimistic for Fish, but at least I can hand her gear down to Mim.  Even if we get one year, the total cost is less than what I usually pay to rent gear for the season.  Now, the difference is that the rentals are brand new, but experts confirmed that the equipment we bought was all in great shape and could probably be resold when the kids outgrow them.

Now if mother nature could get her act together! DO NOT PANIC my snow hating friends.  I’m not asking for a blizzard (yet), just temperatures cold enough to sustain snow making.  That will tide me over for now 🙂

Special thanks to Becky! I definitely needed skis this year and we weren’t sure we were going to make it to the sale because Mim had a Karate tournament.  She agreed to be my personal shopper and snagged me a great pair with bindings for just $99! Let’s hear it for awesome neighbors!!



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