Grandpa, Grammy, A-Man, Fish & at the Magic Kingdom with Cinderella's Castle in the backgroundI came across some photos recently, that reminded me of a funny experience when Fish was a baby.

“I’m going to a conference in Disney World. Are you brining my granddaughter down?” So came the command, er inquiry from my Mother-in-law. A-man and I figured why not? We could use the break from the routine and Fish would enjoy a lot of it. My Mother-in-law is a big fan of the mouse, so we knew this wouldn’t be Fish’s only trip to Mickey’s House.

Fish wearing a hot pick My First Trip To Walt Disney World ShirtSome people say that 18 months is too young to take a child to Disney World and for some it is, but Fish loved every minute of it. She played with the characters and enjoyed the rides. She was an easy baby, so she mostly rolled with the punches. Of course they were pretty soft punches with four adults catering to her schedule and her needs.

One day we decided to go to EPCOT and stay late enough for her to see Illuminations and the fireworks that followed. We took a leisurely morning in our cabin at Fort Wilderness, let her nap and then brought her to EPCOT. She loved the fountains and the sights. We rode Imagination, the Land and the Living Seas. Finally it was time for Illuminations. We ended up against a post somewhere in Morocco. At first she just wanted to toddle around, but eventually, it was “Up peeze”. Her Dad and I alternated holding her during the show. She seemed to enjoy it, but I also got the distinct feeling she was humoring us. When the last rocket flared, she looked at me and said “Awl done Mama?”

“All done Fish.” She reached for her stroller and quickly climbed inside. we buckled her and gave her Bear and Blankie. She sat up and grabbed the front canopy of the stroller and said in a strong voice said “AWL DONE!” while slamming it down and flopping back into the stroller. She was instantly asleep and slept through the entire process of exiting a fairly crowded park (Morraco is almost the farthest point from the main gate), and riding the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center. She would have slept the whole trip back to Fort Wilderness, but the bus driver made us take her out of the stroller so she snuggled up on Dad’s shoulder.

Awl done indeed.

Fish in her stroller with Bear and Blankie CONKED OUT


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