Take THAT mother Nature

A column of pictures Smells like snow logo on a t-shirt, One compressor, Some of the fittings, The snow gun in action, Mim sledding, Fish sledding

Despite getting off to a fantastic, albeit early, start this winter in New England has been very brown. It’s been cold enough for the ski areas to make snow, but there is nothing like a fresh coating from Mother Nature right outside your window to really get the blood pumping.

The last few years, my neighbors have thrown a sledding party to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. With temps in the 40’s on a fairly regularly basis, Mother Nature was threatening to squelch tradition. What is a father to do? He can’t let his little girl down on her birthday can he? No of course not! Especially when his neighbor (ahem A-Man) has sent him a link to detailed plans for making snow in your own backyard (literally).


The necessary parts were acquired (it’s funny how we suddenly “needed” a new compressor and convenient that Tractor Supply had one on sale!) and a few nights before the party they set about putting the pieces together.

B and I sat and chatted while the men assembled the pieces. We heard the pressure washer fire up, but it was a false start. I looked over a few minutes later and squealed. Seriously, you’d think I’d never seen snow before. They did it! Two compressors, one pressure washer and a bunch of pipes and fittings later, it was snowing!

It ran for 10 hours a night for two nights and made enough snow to cover the hill the kids would use for sledding. It was not the luge of previous years, but it was fast and the kids loved it!

A-man said, it was worth it for the bragging rights alone. Way to go guys!!



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