Pinewood Derby

Mim is a Boy Scout this year and Pinewood Derby is a hallmark of Boy Scouting.  He and his Dad worked on the car together, with Dad taking his shaping cues from Mim.  Mim sanded and painted the car. Betcha can’t guess which cartoon character Mim’s car was modeled after?

Mim holding his red race car with the number 95 on it.
The Car

Three lane pinewood derby track complete with electronic sensored finish line.

The Track


Cars made by other boys in Mim's Pack with the trophies in the background.
The Competition


Mim holding his car, wearing a competitors medallion and holding his 3rd place trophy.
Mim finished third place in his den.


The top three competitors from each den advance to the district competition.  Onward to victory!!


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