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'CCDHS Classroom, Miles City' photo (c) 2005, David Schott - license: the words of Billy Joel, “There’s a storm front comin’ “

Our school district has been introducing the International Baccalaureate (IB) program through the elementary schools with the intention of seeking full certification for the middle school and high school as the children currently in the elementary schools progress through the grades.

IB was introduced three years ago and the majority of the costs associated with it were absorbed by a grant. I heard some conversations about it, but it was discussed as if it was a done deal. I’ve seen some of the changes implemented with both kids, but Mim will be the one primarily impacted. I think.

There in lies the rub. I don’t know what I don’t know. I know that emotions are running high. I have heard bits and pieces of information some of which, if true, are down right scary. Now it is time to buckle down and do my research.

My greatest fear is that our community will suffer. We have a tight community. There is a group of people who work together to provide information and activities that enrich us all. I would hate it if the IB debate in some way harmed the camaraderie that brings us all together. It is my sincere hope that information can be shared and views exchanged in a civilized manner. I can hope.

Have you heard if IB? Has your district implemented it? Do you have a resource I should see about IB? Please, share.


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  1. Dear Lee,

    Very interesting that you noticed that IB was discussed as though it was a “done deal”. That’s how it’s done. A “change agent” Superintendent decides that he or she needs to polish their resume’ by introducing IB to their district in order to appear to be a great “reformer”. The BoE rubber stamps whatever the Superintendent recommends and generally, the PTA mommies wave their pom poms and say, “Yeah! We are IB! Be sure to pass the levy!”

    If you wave your pom poms and blindly accept without questioning what IB is, you and your children will be fine. If you DARE to question IB’s cost, design, curriculum, ideology or UNESCO connections, you will be vilified and labeled a heretic. If a number of parents and taxpayers question the wasteful spending and internationalist philosophy of IB, your community will become divided and embroiled in controversy. 

    My name is Lisa, I am the administrator of Truth About IB. Please feel free to write me with any questions you may have about IB’s programmes and the organization.


  2. Dear Lee,

    IB is currently being introduced in our district as well. As we started questioning the finances and Cirriculum aspects, our community immediately became divided (courtesy of the Administration). Parents have been bullied, threatened and even ridiculed for questioning IB. Many friendships have been destroyed and even lost. My involvement in opposing the Programme came at the request of our teachers who feared opposing the Programme. Cost is a main concern. ARRA funds and Title I funds were initially used for the implementation but a budget and actual purchases have yet to be provided. IB can become costly and has banqrupted other districts. Please view the IB Only Discussion Stow Munroe Falls Facebook page to view the research we have found. IB uses the PYP and MYP to introduce the social issues and focuses less on teaching. Our teachers become facilitators instead of teaching the classroom. Some will say Conservatives and Tea Party “lunatics” which is their favorite name for us, fear change. What I fear is the fact that my children and others are being used as an experiment in social


  3. Yes it will divide the community.  It’s a values based political program and when you shift from educating the child to instilling political values and ideals in a child, that is sure to anger many parents. 
    The key is to avoid IB.  Look for programs that are not rooted in an extremist political ideology but in academic excellence.  That is a goal the entire community can rally behind.  
    When academic excellence is the goal you will find that the community will come together and work in harmony.


  4. Dear Lee,
    Our district has also been “exploring” IB, at one elementary school. We are under the belief that IB, will become district wide. Challenging the program/me has been tough, to say the least. There are many layers, that a small number of concerned parents have pulled back. Th emost important one, is how this was brought to the district, without our BoE approval. With the research that has been done, we have found once a district, implements the program/me, it is hard to withdrawal from IB. Cost is a huge issue. Also, once a school becomes a world school, all work by students are the property of IB. IB approves everything. There is mapping, learning profiles, and many workshops that the teachers have to so. With IB being associated with UNESCO, one world education is what this is all about. I wish you luck. Please visit and the IB Only Discussion Stow Munroe Falls Facebook page. There is a ton of documentation and information for you. These two pages will help you get started, and everyone is more than willing to help you.


  5. I too am from SMF here in Ohio where our district is implementing IB PYP. Our community is divided and many feel threatened if they speak up. Our BOE meetings have become rather intimidating. IB espouses tolerance and open mindedness but only if you agree with their views. Outcome based education will fail. I wish you much luck in your research and hope that you can find the voices to support the children in your community.


  6. I have been researching IB for the past year and have found that the discourse among a community implementing IB is the “norm”. IB is usually brought in under the cover of darkness so to speak. While critical thinking and global knowledge are important in today’s education, these attributes can be utilized without purchasing IB. Districts become heavily involved (funds) and are unable to “back out”. Administrations actively seek participants to surf media outlets hoping to intimidate anyone with a different viewpoint. We have become complacent in our education today however IB is not the end all cure. Social issues and politics have no place within the elementary schools. Best wishes.


  7. Your fears will soon come true. Your community will be torn apart while your school district uses government funding and then taps into the General Fund to pay for all the requirements of IB. The Administration will convince your teachers to try this method. When your teachers return from training they will all say the same “This is a life changing Programme, why would you not want to give your children the best possible education”. Private schools and homeschooling are on the rise…some in the Catholic Dioseace have embraced IB which still baffles me considering the religion and lack of believing in God that IB stands by. Please go to and you will find the information..they put everything out there just make sure you read the words!


  8. Yes I have heard of it and would love our IB school in a heartbeat if I could up and move out of the district- We have kids in a PYP elementary school- The emphasis seems to be on these transdisplinary themes and learner profiles in an IB school- Students are pressured to constantly ask questions, conform their values to these learner profiles— to name a few- open minded, risk-taker, caring, reflective- this is common sense and your kids naturally are these things if you raise them right- you don’t need to spend 6 figures on a program that is govern by Swiss law to teach these things to your children- I don’t see this program as challenging. I feel this program attempts to focus all academics on a global level vs preparing these kids with a solid foundation on our country. The mission statement is to promote global citizens. How about intelligent citizens? very informative with facts about what your district will be buying into- I wouldn’t support this program if it were free- It has agenda and its’ not to challenge your kids-


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