New Orleans, Louisiana

Balcony on Royal Street in New Orleans.  French doors blocked by shelves of booksGrammy & Grandpa wanted to take the kids to Disney World for School Vacation Week. Who am I to argue? A-man & I weren’t exactly invited. We could have gone if we wanted to, but we’ve been to Disney before and we’ll go again.  A-Man said I should find somewhere for the two of us.  I love to travel but A-Man has a lot of travel scheduled the first four months of the 2012, so I would have understood if he wanted to just stay home.  “If I stay home, I’ll just work, so let’s have some us time.”  Oh how I love this man.

Jackson Square and a view of Saint Louis CathedralHe wanted someplace warm.  I looked at Arizona and New Mexico, New Orleans, Hilton Head, North Carolina and even other cities in Florida, . Everything was dismissed for one reason or another except New Orleans.  We’d never been and it seemed like a city where we could do a short get away and cover most of the sights. We had a lovely trip. I had planned to research and loosely plan an itinerary prior to our departure, but life got in the way so it turned out to be a bit of a meandering vacation, but it was truly delightful and exactly what we needed.

We stayed just outside the French Quarter in a room with a decent view of the river. It was fun to just sit and watch the tankers and ferries go by. The weather was a bit damp at the beginning of our stay, but it dried out and was always warmer than home (60’s during the rain & fog and 80’s with the sun).

French Quarter Balconies with Saint Louise Cathedral in the backgroundI’ll have more detailed posts, but we ate (a lot), walked the French Quarter, took a tour focused on life post Katrina and even did a little geocaching. We returned to Bourbon Street at night and while active, you could tell it was not anywhere close to it’s normal level of boisterousness. Everyone seemed tired, no surprise given they celebrated Mardi Gras just the week before.

New Orleans is a great place to visit. It’s filled with art and history and food (some good, some not so good). The locals love their city and they want you to love it too. I know people who return every year, but we felt satisfied with just a four day visit. I was meant to be a yankee.


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