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Fish exploring the enlisted berths on the Growler, Different sights on the Intrepid, enjoying a slice of Pizza and hugging and Angry pigDo you remember when your kids were babies and you wondered if you were going to be able to go anywhere of substance again? Would you ever be able to enjoy an activity that wasn’t brightly colored or littered with oversized characters? I’m here to tell you that yes, you can.

Fish and I took a day trip to New city York recently and had a blast! We were part of a larger group, that split up, so it was just the two of us loose in The Big Apple for nine hours. She originally wanted to go to Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium. I said fine but also made some suggestions including Madam Tussauds Wax Museum, A boat tour, 30 Rock, the Empire State Building, The Sony Wonder Technology Lab, and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Ultimately, it came down to a choice between the Intrepid and The Wonderlab. We didn’t jump on the WonderLab earlier enough to guarantee tickets. Fish was actually relieved because she’d had a hard time making up her mind.

I really wanted to use public transportation where possible. We live in an area with ZERO public transportation. It is possible my children will have enough vision to drive, but driving for the visually impaired varies by individual, by the state they live in and by road conditions. My kids might choose a field or land a job that requires them to live in a state where they won’t qualify for a license. I’d hate for them to turn down an amazing opportunity simply because they can’t drive. I want them to understand that especially in a major city, public transit is viable option.

Half the Adventure is in the getting there

The bus departed at 6am and arrived in New York at 11. I had a little trouble getting my bearings, but we were never more than a block or two off course. Turns out despite my heartfelt appreciate of public transportation, my skills are a bit rusty.

We missed the first bus because we were on the wrong side of the intersection. We missed the second bus because while I had the exact fare, they don’t accept paper money on busses, only Metro cards or coins. We acquired the necessary metro cards, but when we asked the driver of the third bus to announce the 12th Avenue stop, he smirked and said we were headed the wrong way. Ooops! Stupid ordinal directions! The fourth bus was the charm. We laughed our way through the entire adventure. “You’re never going to live this down, you know that right?” my daughter smiled an evil grin at me.

The Intrepid was fun. This kid LOVES museums. She is endlessly curious and museums provide a buffet for her brain. We prowled through the Growler a cold war submarine and then explored the aircraft carrier Intrepid from stem to stern. She got a kick out of the sleeping quarters for the enlisted men and loved looking at all the planes on the flight deck.

With only minimal confusion, we made our way back to Times Square and grabbed an early, quick dinner. After which she announced that she wanted to ride the subway and we should find a destination that would require a subway ride. We decided Rockefeller Center met the criteria. When we got there, the line to the Top of the Rock was too long for the allotted time we had left. She rolled with it. We stopped at Starbucks and headed back to the subway for a return trip to Times Square.

This was our first day trip to a new destination that was just she and I. I have no desire to be my daughter’s BFF, but this trip felt more like two friends exploring rather than Mom chaperoning a field trip. I don’t want to brag, but this is my blog, so I guess I can. I was so pleased that she shunned the shopping frenzy that gripped some of the girls. We had a few minutes before our final meeting, so we ducked into Toys R Us and she appreciated the display of Annoying Orange merchandise, and the ginormous Pig from Angry Birds, her only observation was to marvel at the bloated prices. “I bet that’s cheaper at home or even on Amazon.” Times Square was markedly more crowded in the early evening but Fish was a good sport about staying near me and my occasional need to hold her arm or steer her by the shoulders. It was a long day (almost 22 hours door to door), but she kept it together and we made some awesome memories.

There are so many places I’ve seen and want to share with my kids and new places I want to explore with them. I’m super excited that my daughter is growing up to be a delightful travel companion.





New Glasses

Fish & Mim modeling their new glassesBoth kids needed new glasses this year. They both have a bi-focal and both use Transition Lenses so the glasses can double as sun glasses.  I always guide them towards the tallest frame possible to give them as much coverage as possible. This is not an easy feat with today’s fashions.  I miss the old owl eyes of the ’80’s! A-man got glasses for the first time since he was a kid.  He hates having his picture taken, but I managed to snap a shot.  I will refrain from posting it because 15 years of marriage have taught me a few things :).


Award Winning Socks

A nasty sinus infection sidelined me last week. I don’t do sick well.  While I catch up, enjoy this picture of AWARD WINNING SOCKS.

Boys crew socks made to look like cleats, one foot is kicking a mini football

Mim’s school held a sock hop last week and there was to be prizes for the best socks in each grade.  Mim had the idea to make cleats.  A pair of socks, electrical tape, sharpies, some stickers, a little help from mom and shazam! He won a $5 giftcard to Books-a-Million (BAM!). He was very proud.



Right after Christmas, I put a white board wall decal up at the top of the stairs. I mostly intended it to be a place to jot quick notes. Nothing of any substance per say, but just a fun place for all of us to doodle.

After I got everyone off to school this morning, I hurried to get ready for an appointment. As I was getting ready to head out, this stopped me in my tracks. It made me smile and get a little teary.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1693" title="3 u Dad" src="" alt="A white board with I  The kids went to Disney with their Grandparents and we went to New Orleans. We had a little over 24 hours together as a family of four and then A-man was off to a conference in Las Vegas for a week. The kids and I had a good week, but this says it all :).

Got Milk? Get Cookies!

12 Palettes of Girl Scout Cookies at the National Guard Armory

3, 103 cases of Girl Scout Cookies

12 boxes per case

37, 236 boxes

2 trucks

20 volunteers

4 hours

That’s a LOT of cookies!

The 2012 Girl Scout Cookie Sale is in progress.  With the annual cookie sale, girls have an opportunity to improve their financial literacy while raising funds for troop activities and community service projects.




Pinewood Derby

Mim is a Boy Scout this year and Pinewood Derby is a hallmark of Boy Scouting.  He and his Dad worked on the car together, with Dad taking his shaping cues from Mim.  Mim sanded and painted the car. Betcha can’t guess which cartoon character Mim’s car was modeled after?

Mim holding his red race car with the number 95 on it.
The Car

Three lane pinewood derby track complete with electronic sensored finish line.

The Track


Cars made by other boys in Mim's Pack with the trophies in the background.
The Competition


Mim holding his car, wearing a competitors medallion and holding his 3rd place trophy.
Mim finished third place in his den.


The top three competitors from each den advance to the district competition.  Onward to victory!!