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Please Just Go Away

My 8lb cat on top of my four drawer filing cabinet, wedged between a camera bag and the side of my desk.
I was a nestled in for a nice winters nap in the closet when out of nowhere this loud roaring headlight came at me! I managed to get by it and I dove under the bed, BUT IT FOLLOWED ME and yes this IS comfortable thankyouverymuch!

Close up of the cat with her head wedged up against my desk.
Now please just go away.


Sunrise taken with an iPhone 4s
Taken with an iPhone 4S


Sunrise Taken with a Canon Rebel T2i
Taken with a Canon Rebel T2i


To be fair, the shots were taken a few minutes apart, and the color scheme was changing rapidly.  I also have NO clue what settings the DSLR was set to as it was 6:40am and I hadn’t had my tea yet.  Still, amazingly beautiful.


The PTA sponsored a Touch-a-Truck event as a fundraiser last weekend. We took Mim and had a blast. Trucks are COOL!

A boom Truck with an American Flag on Top, AMan helping Mim into a truck, Mim driving and Mim in front of a Giant tractor wheel.The weather was perfect allbeit a little breezy.  They had an awesome turn out and raised some money.  There is talk of making it an annual event.


Double Take

I recently met my friend Melissa for dinner.  We met at a mall restaurant more or less half way between us. After dinner, we shopped a little and scored some great bargins.  I had a few extra stops and she had a paper due, so we parted ways. The mall in question is undergoing renovations so on the way out,  it took a little hunting to locate the ladies room.  I did eventually find one in the food court.

Ladies Only stenciled on a cinderblock wall

When I rounded the corner, I double checked the sign.

Women sign

Yup, still wearing a skirt.

So, imagine my surprise as I rounded the next corner.

Urinals covered in plastic

What the !@$%?????

Embarrassed, I scooted out of the bathroom and rechecked both signs.  No, I was in the right place. Still there was no one else in the bathroom, so I looked around for the cameras.  Finding no one was waiting in the shadows to punk me, I took care of business.  As I was taking care of the paperwork, I heard a group of women come in and go through the same process I did.

Of course the one I really felt sorry for was the guy who rushed by me on the way out.

Dunbar Jewelers

I snapped this on our way back from the cruise.  The store is in a shopping center in Vernon, Connecticut next to Reins Deli, one of my favorite restaurants.  I know nothing about the company, but I love their sense of humor!


Shelves of Le Creuset Cookware in a beautiful deep purple


My friend Jeanne and I went to the Outlets is Kittery, Maine last Saturday. There is a Le Creuset outlet in Kittery, Maine.  These are pictures of all the beautiful deep purple cookware I did NOT buy. I did however score three red canisters for 25% off the outlet price, so I settled for a purple mug. I think I showed tremendous restraint.


Bermuda Briefly

A week ago at this time, I was in Bermuda. It was sunny and warm and on day three of a six day/five night cruise I had definitely found my happy place.

Like all good things the trip came to an end and we touched down into reality. We came back with a lot of great memories with old friends, some new friends, a bottle of rum (or 3) and a desire to make unplugged vacations a more regular occurrence in our lives going forward.

There is much to blog about but in the mean time, here are a few photos to tide you over.

A mix of eight photos from my cruise to Bermuda, Me in the beautiful Bermuda Ocean, our ship, the two couples at Baracuda In Hamilton, kicking back, a sunrise, my & my pal Char, our table of 8 at dinner.