I Love the Internet Part 1

As we sat at the picnic table devouring an amazing labor day meal, D (as he is wanton to do), began to sing. I don’t remember the song exactly, but I’d bet that it was Jimmy Buffett song. Then he said “Second verse same as the first a little be louder and a whole lot worse.”

I knew that lyric was from a song we sang at Girl Scout Camp, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember the song. I stretched and stretched and while I could see the dining hall and remember the meals and the pastel plates. I could not get my head around the song.

It was really bugging me, so, I did what any other 21st century woman would do, I hit Facebook. I posted the lyric and begged for help. Within an hour, I was rewarded with my answer.

Fried Ham, Fried Ham, Cheese and Bolgona, and after the macaroni we’ll have some onions, and pickles, and peppers, and then we’ll have some more fried ham, fried ham, fried ham…

THAT’S IT! Thanks TM! There were others who pointed out it was from Henry the 8th, but Fried Ham was the song I was looking for.

The memories came flooding back
, the dining hall, the summer barn program, the musty tents and the latrines. Good stuff (well except the latrines of course).

Tell me, how did we get by without the Internet???


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