I Love the Internet Part 2

As I have said many times, I love music. I’m not a fan of rap and I don’t really appreciate opera, but you’ll find a sample of almost every other kinds of music in my iTunes Library.

When I was a kid, traveling sales people used to visit large places of business and peddle their wares. One such sales person sold records (you know the plastic discs) at the newspaper where my mother worked. One day she came home with A Friend of Mine Is Going Blind by John Dawson Read. Never heard of it? The title single hit only hit #70 on the Billboard Charts. Other than the title track, there was one other song that stuck with me all these years. Sally Ally Sunday is a song about a family taking a day trip and spending time as a family. The music is guitar and mostly mellow folk.

I liked the record and played it incessantly. Over the years, I recorded many of my LPs (go look that term up kiddies), to cassette tape (oh and that term too) but A Friend of Mind Is Going Blind never made it. I’ve searched for it in the digital world, but had no luck. August saw us taking a lot of Sally Ally Sunday trips as a family and I decided to hunt once again for this piece of my past.

This time, I found a lyrics site that listed lyrics for A Friend of Mine is Going Blind. Somewhere in the comments. someone listed a link to John Dawson Read’s web site (I’d Googled him, but spelled his last name Reed). Jackpot! I learned quite a bit, turns how he had two commercially available albums and had just recently turned out a new CD of studio songs.

On a whim, I emailed and asked where I could purchase a digital version of Sally Ally Sunday. HE WROTE BACK!! Not only did he write back, he attached an MP3 of Sally Ally Sunday! I was seriously over the moon. He also told me that the original album had been digitally remastered. I ordered a copy and it arrived promptly, I’ve been enjoying the meander down memory lane as I listen to it.



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